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Current Exhibition

data: process
4 July – 28 July 2012
UJ Art Gallery

data: process, Marco Cianfanelli's most recent solo exhibition at the UJ Art Gallery, was a type of retrospective or re-looking: at his extensive output of work to date, but also at his own working process.

Well-known for his bold public art pieces and large-scale sculptural works, Cianfanelli’s latest exhibition explored a different moment of his work – literally, those works in process – his detailed maquettes: complex fine renderings of ideas and myriad aspects of data deftly translated into prospective form.

The exhibition took form as a relational overview of these objects and their conceptual bases, rather than as a chronological progression of Cianfanelli’s output; although the scope of works included there did range from his very early engagements with form, idea and material – including two-dimensional renderings, in paint and branding, and relief works in paper – to current projects and conceptions.

Often concerned with the human form and psyche: in relation to itself, to others, in space, time, action and accumulation, Cianfanelli’s practice involves a complex distillation of initial ideas, expanded upon through intensive research, technical information, translation into digital form and weighed up against prospective media. He works a great deal with repetition, and subtle shift; his accumulated data is calibrated, assessed and digitally rendered; then ultimately reduced to numbers, lines and measurements.

Yet the maquettes reveal a different point of access to his works, as aesthetic objects and as ideas given form. Where the large-scale and public constructions of these works are rendered to appeal and respond to a broad sense of humanity and public, this exhibition instead allowed viewers to scrutinise Cianfanelli’s practice as an intimate engagement with the forms, concepts and meticulous calculations that bring the works into different stages of their realisation.


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